Compiler Construction



According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2015-16 PUN

Text Book of 

Compiler Construction

TY B.Sc. Computer Science-II (Pune)

Author : Anjali Sardesai, Sonali Deshmukh

Book ID : 1699

Edition: 2 [2017]

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1. Introduction

1. Introduction

2. Structure of Compiler  

3. Phases of Compiler

4. Error Handling   

5. Introduction to One Pass and Multi pass Compiler 

2. Lexical Analysis 

1. Introduction

2. Review of Finite Automata as Lexical Analyzer    

3. Applications of Regular Expressions and Finite Automata

4. LEX: Lexical Analyzer Generator  

3. Syntax Analysis (Parser)    

1. Introduction

2. Top-Down Parser  

3. Recursive Descent Parsing   

4. Predictive Parser (LL(1) Parser) 

5. Bottom-Up Parser 

6. Operator Precedence Parser  

7. LR Parser   

8. YACC  

4. Syntax Directed Definition  

1. Introduction

2. Syntax Directed Definition  

3. Evaluation Orders for SDD’s 

4. Application of SDT

5. Syntax Directed Translation Schemes (SDT) 

5. Memory Allocation

1. Introduction

2. Memory Allocation in Block Structured Languages  

3. Memory Allocation and Access

6. Code Generation and Optimization 

1. Introduction

2. Compilation of Expression   

3. Code Optimization

4. Three Address Code

5. Definition of Basic Block, Flow Graph  

6. The DAG Representation of Basic Blocks 

7. Issues in Design of Code Generation    









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