Plant Anatomy & Embryology



According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2015 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)


SY BSc. Sem-II

Author : Dr. Hema Sane

Book ID : 1631

ISBN : 978-93-5016-304-7

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About the Book

This Text Book on Plant Anatomy and Embryology is according to the new revised syllabus of Pune University, for SY.B.Sc. Botany, Sem II, Paper 1.

This textbook of Plant Anatomy and Embryology has two parts. The first part deals with Plant Anatomy, Plant anatomy or phytotomy is the general term for the study of the internal structure of plants, which includes a wide range of topics like the various Tissue System (Epidermal, Mechanical, Vascular) and Normal and Anomalous Secondary Growth are covered in detail. The second part deals with plant Embryology which covers the structural lifestyle suitably divided into different chapters. 

Neat labeled diagrams, tables and illustrations are included which will help in developing better understanding of the subject among the students. Summary in the end of each chapter is provided to give students a gist of the whole chapter. Exercise questions and Past University questions are included for each chapter for the benefit of students.

Dr. Hema Sane, a Senior Botanist is M.Sc, Ph.D. in Botany & M.A, M.Phil in Indology and is an institution in Botany has diligently compiled this book. Her explanations will give students a liking for the subject and create interest in the subject.


1. Introduction to Plant Anatomy

1. Milestones in Plant Anatomy     

2. Significance of Plant Anatomy   

3. Importance of Anatomy with reference to other Branches  

4. Types of Tissues    

2. Epidermal Tissue System

1. Tissue System - What it is?     

2. Epidermis - Fortification of the Plant Body 

3. Ontogeny

4. Extent of Epidermis 

5. Cell Structure of the Epidermis 

6. Epidermal Outgrowths

7. Functions of Epidermis in General     

3. Mechanical Tissue System

1. Introduction  

2. Principles involved in Distribution of Mechanical Tissues

4. Vascular Tissue System

1. Introduction  

2. Vascular Tissue - the Need of the Hour

3. Xylem - Structure and Function

4. Phloem  

5. Cambium 

5. Normal Secondary Growth

1. Introduction  

2. Cambium and its Role

3. Secondary Growth in Stem of Helianthus annuus (Sunflower)

4. Annona sqamosa Stem 

5. Annual Rings or Growth Rings    

6. Periderm

7. Bark    

8. Tylosis 

9. Lenticel

6. Anomalous Secondary Growth

1. What is Anomalous Secondary Growth?   

2. Causes of Anomalous Secondary Growth  

3. Adaptive and Non-adaptive Anomalies   

4. Abnormal Secondary Growth in Bignonia Stem  

5. Anomalous Secondary Growth in the Root of Radish (Raphanus)   

6. Anomalous Secondary Growth in Dracaena

7. Introduction to Plant Embryology

1. Introduction  

2. Scope   

8. Microsporangium and Male Gametophyte

1. Introduction  

2. Life Cycle of Angiosperms 

3. Microsporangium     

4. Microsporogenesis   

5. Male Gametophyte (Microgametophyte)   

9. Megasporangium and Female Gametophyte

1. Megasporangium

2. Megasporogenesis    

3. Female Gametophyte  

10. Fertilization

1. Pollination   

2. Zoophily

3. Anemophily    

4. Hydrophily    

5. Germination of Pollen

6. Double Fertilization

11. Endosperm and Embryo

1. Endosperm

2. Embryogeny     

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