Plant Biotechnology



According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2015 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Plant Biotechnology


Author : Dr. Savita Rahangdale & Dr. Sanjay Kumar Ranangdale

Book ID : 1632

ISBN : 978-93-5016-305-4

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1. Introduction  

1. Biotechnology - Introduction and Definition

2. Multidisciplinary Nature of Biotechnology   

2. Enzyme Technology

1. Introduction  

2. Classification of Enzymes 

3. Industrial Applications of Enzymes    

4. Production of Amylase, Proteases and Lipase Enzymes     

5. Enzyme Immobilization - Concept and Techniques of Immobilization    

3. Fermentation Technology

1. Introduction  

2. Types of Fermentation     

3. Principles of Microbial Growth  

4. Concept of Bioreactor/Fermenter 

5. Medium Composition for Liquid and Solid State Fermentations   

6. Industrial Applications of Fermentation     

7. Downstream Processing - Citric Acid Production    

4. Single Cell Protein

1. Introduction  

2. Need of Proteins in Diet  

3. Production of SCP from Algae (Spirulina) and Fungi (Yeast)    

4. The Economic Implications of SCP

5. Acceptability of SCP

5. Environmental Biotechnology

1. Introduction

2. Phytoremediation - Definition and Concept   

3. Methods of Phytoremediation     

4. Environmental Sustainability    

6. Basics of Plant Genetic Engineering

1. Introduction and Structure of DNA     

2. Structure of Gene in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes   

3. General Method of Gene Isolation from the Plants  

4. Gene Cloning  

7. Methods of Gene Transfer in Plants

1. Direct DNA Transfer 

2. Vector Mediated Gene Transfer   

8. Application of Plant Genetic Engineering in Crop Improvement

1. Introduction  

2. Insect Pest Resistance    

9. Nano-biotechnology  

1. Definition and Concept

2. Applications of Nano-biotechnology in Agriculture (Fertilizers and Pesticides)  

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