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Applied Zoology-I


Specific References

According to SPPU New Revised CBCS Syllabus w.e.f. 2020-21

A Text book of

Applied Zoology-I


Author : Dr. Sanjay Kumbhar

Book ID : 1891

ISBN : 978-81-946902-0-7

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1. Sericulture

1. An Introduction to Sericulture (Study of different types of silk moths, their distribution, Taxonomic position and varieties of silk produced in India: Mulberry, Tassar, Eri and Muga silk moths)

1.1 Introduction to Sericulture

1.2 Different Types of Silk Moths, their Distribution and Varieties of Silk produced

2. External Morphology and Life Cycle of Bombyx Mori

2.1 External Morphology

2.2 Life Cycle of Bombyx Mori

3. Cultivation of Mulberry

4. Harvesting of Mulberry

4.1 Time of Harvest

4.2 Transport and Preservation of Leaves

5.  Silkworm Rearing

6.  Preparation of Cocoons for Marketing

7. Harvest Post Processing of Cocoons

8. Biotechnological and Biomedical Applications of Silk

2. Agricultural Pests and Their Control

1. An Introduction to Agricultural Pests, Type of Pests

2. Major Insect Pests of Agricultural Importance

3. Non-Insect Pests

4. Pest Control Practices

5. Plant Protection Appliances

5.1 Rotary Duster

5.2 Knapsack Sprayer

5.3 Cyanogas Foot Pump

5.4 Hazards of Pesticides