Morphology & Anatomy, Industrial Botany-II



F.Y.B.Sc. Term I Paper I Botany Pune University according to new syllabus 2013-14

Morphology & Anatomy,Industrial Botany II

Author: Dr. Hema Sane, Dr. Savita Rahangdale,Dr. Sanjaykumar Rahangdale

Book Id: 1509

ISBN: 978-93-5016-245-3

Edition: 3rd 2016

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About the Book

This book is divided in two parts; the first part pertains to Morphology and Anatomy, and the second part deals with Industrial Botany. Morphology is the study of form and structure of the plants, Morphology describes the form, i.e. size, shape, etc. of the plant as it appears. Anatomy is the study of internal structure of the plants as it is observed in the section under microscope. Industrial botany is the commercial exploitation of plants by people. Industrial Botany explores the ways humans use plants for food, shelter, pharmaceuticals, bio-fuel, bio-fertilizer, textiles, and much more.

All the chapters explain the topics in detail. The book is for First Year students pursuing B.Sc. As the students are in the first year they do not have in-depth knowledge of Botany, hence the authors have included all relevant topics and explained the same for the convenience of the students. Diagrams, charts, graphs have been included so that students understand the concepts better.


Paper I - Morphology and Anatomy

1. Morphology

1. Morphology - How does it look like?   

2. Descriptive Morphology    

3. Interpretative Morphology 

4. Morphology and Identification   

2. Morphology of Vegetative Parts

1. Root    

2. Stem    

3. Leaf    

3. Morphology of Reproductive Parts

1. Inflorescence 

2. Flower  

3. Fruit   

4. Seed    

4. Anatomy 

1. Introduction  

2. Significance of Plant Anatomy   

3. Importance of Anatomy with reference to other Branches  

5. Types of Tissues    

1. Introduction  

2. The Permanent Tissues     

3. Mighty Meristems - The Body Builders  

4. Vascular Tissues - The Transport System     

5. Epidermal Tissue - 'Jack of all Trades'     

6. Mechanical Tissues  

6. Internal Organization of Primary Plant Body 

1. Primary Plant Body  

2. Internal Structure of Dicotyledon and Monocotyledon Root

3. Internal Structure of Dicotyledon and Monocotyledon Stem

4. Internal Structure of Dicotyledon and Monocotyledon Leaf

Paper II – Industrial Botany – II

1. Bio-fuel Industry   

1. Introduction   1

2. Concept of Biofuel and its Need 

3. Plants used for Biofuel Production    

4. Biodiesel Production from Castor

5. Commercial Significance   

2. Bio-pesticide Industry    

1. Introduction  

2. Concept of Bio-control    

3. Importance of Bio-pesticides    

4. Types of Bio-pesticides: Indiara, Azadirachtin    

5. Commercial Significance   

3. Industrial Mycology

1. Introduction  

2. Important Genera of Fungi used in various Industries and their Products   

3. Products and Applications 

4. Commercial Significance   

4. Bio-fertilizer Industry

1. Introduction  

2. Concept and Need of Bio-fertilizer    

3. Benefits / Advantages of Bio-fertilizers    

4. Types of Bio-fertilizers  

5. Commercial Significance   

5. Fruit Processing Industry

1. Fruit Processing: Concept and Need    

2. Cold Storage  

3. Types of Fruit Processing 

4. Commercial Significance   

6. Plant Pharmaceutical Industry

1. Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals

2. Pharmaceuticals     

3. Types of Pharmaceutical Products

4. Drug Plants   

5. Manufacture of Churn

6. Nutraceuticals

7. Cosmeceuticals

8. Commercial Significance of Amala and Aloe   



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