Fundamentals of Cell Biology

BI 1507


F.Y.B.Sc. Term I Paper I Zoology Pune University according to new syllabus 2013-14

Fundamentals of Cell Biology

Author: Dr. Anil Dusane

Book Id: 1507

ISBN: 978-93-5016-108-3

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1. Introduction to Cell Biology    

1. Definition of Cell Biology

2. Brief History of Cell Concept   

3. Cytological Staining 

2. Structure of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell

1. Introduction  

2. Prokaryotic System  

3. Structure of Eukaryotic Cell: General Organization of Eukaryotic Cell 

3. Structure and Function of Cell Membrane

1. Introduction  

2. Chemical Composition and Ultrastructure of Plasma Membrane    

3. Fluid Mosaic Model  

4. Functions of Plasma Membrane 

4. Composition of Cytoplasm

1. Introduction  

2. Composition of Cytoplasm  

3. Cytoskeleton 

5. Study of Cell Organelles

1. Endoplasmic Reticulum     

2. Golgi Complex or Golgi Body or Golgi Apparatus    

3. Lysosomes, Perixosomes and Glyoxysomes

4. Ribosomes     

5. Mitochondria 

6. Nucleus 

1. Introduction  

2. Shape, Size, Number and Position of Nucleus 

3. Ultrastructure of Nuclear Envelope and Pore Complex     

4. Chromatin     

5. Functions of Nucleus

7. Cell Division and their Significance

1. Brief Account of Cell Cycle     

2. Cell Division and its Types     

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