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Business Organisation and Entrepreneurship Development

BI 1105


According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2008 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Text Book of Business Organisation and Entrepreneurship Development

BCA (Solapur) Sem-III

Author : Deepak Morris

Book ID : 1105

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1. Business   

1.1 Introduction to business     

1.2 Meaning and definitions of organization  

1.3 Meaning and definition of ‘Business Organization’    

1.4 Scope and elements of ‘Business Organization’  

1.5 Types of business organization     

1.6 Private sector enterprises   

1.7 Public sector    

1.8 Joint venture      

2. Business Environment   

2.1 Meaning of business environment    

2.2 Concept of business environment    

2.3 Nature and scope of business environment 

2.4 Significance of business environment     

2.5 Importance of business environment 

3. Economic Environment               

3.1 Meaning    

3.2 Nature of the economic environment 

3.3 Factors of the economic environment

3.4 New economic policy and its impact on business…            

3.5 Impact of liberalisation, privatization and globalisation  

4. Service Sector   

4.1 Introduction     

4.2 Finance    

4.3 Insurance  

4.4 Transport system 

4.5 Telecommunication

4.6 Tourism    

5. IT Industry

5.1 Hardware industry

5.2 Software industry

5.3 Software industry in India   

5.4 ITES (IT Enabled Services)   

5.5 BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)    

6. Global Environment           

6.1 Nature of globalization      

6.2 Why do companies go global   

6.3 How companies go international

6.4 Definition and meaning of MNC

6.5 Benefits from MNC's and problems brought ….    

7. Introduction to Entrepreneurship               

7.1 Introduction                                   

7.2 Concepts of entrepreneurship development       

7.3 Attributes and characteristics of a successful….

8. Small Scale Industry

8.1 Introduction and definition              

8.2 Importance of small scale industries     

8.3 Scope of S.S.I.  

8.4 Role of S.S.I.   

8.5 Role of S.S.I. in India

8.6 Problems of small scale industries 

8.7 Prospects for small scale industries

8.8 Importance of computer for SSI     

8.9 Applications of computers in SSI  

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