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Programming in Visual Basics



According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2015 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Text Book of

Programming un Visual Basic

BBA (Computer Application) formerly known as BCA

Author : Manisha Somvanshi & Anand Jain

Book ID : 1621

Edition: 3rd 2018

Solved Question Paper upto April 2017

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1. Getting Started with V.B.

1. Introduction  

2. Installing of Visual Basic 6.0  

3. Object Oriented Concept   

4. Event Driven Programming Language     

5. Reviewing the Basics of Forms and Controls  

6. Working with Properties   

2.   Constants, Variables, Operators, Control Structure, Looping and Array   

1.  Introduction 

2.  Data types   

3.  Variables    

4.  Constant     

5.  Operators    

6.  Expression   


8.  Control Structures 

9.  Looping

10. Array  

11. Functions (Built in and user defined)

12. User Defined Functions   

Solved Examples  

3. Working with Controls                                                     

1. Introduction  

2. Adding Controls on Form   

3. Working with Properties and Methods of Each Control     

4. Creating MDI Applications 

Solved Examples  

4. Working with ActiveX Controls and Menus                                   

1. Introduction  

2. Creating Status Bar for your Program  

3. Working with Progress Bar 

4. Working with Toolbar and Setting up the Image List Controls   

5. Study of Different Dialog Boxes 

6. Creating a Menu System    

7. Creating and Accessing Popup Menu     

8. Adding or Modifying Menu at Run Time(Dynamic Menu)

9. Adding Menu Item For MDI Child Form   

Solved Examples  

5. Working with Database                                                     

1. Introduction  

2. Data Control  

3. ADO Data Control    

4. Developing ADO Application through ADODC and Coding     

Solved Programs 

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