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Business Mathematics



According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2014 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Text Book of

Business Mathematics

BCA (Pune) Sem-III

Author : Parshuram Ahire & Dr. Jayant Tatke

Book ID : 1605

Solved Question Papers upto 2016

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1. Ratio, Proportion and Percentage

1. Ratio   

2. Proportion    

3. Variation     

4. Percentage    

2. Profit and loss

1. Introduction  

2. Terms and Formulae for Profit and Loss

3. Commission and Brokerage  

3. Interest

1. Simple Interest     

2. Compound Interest   

3. Equated Monthly Installments (EMI)    

<4. Matrices And Determinants 

1.  Introduction 

2   Multivariable Data 

3.  Definition of Matrix     

4.  Types of Matrices  

5.  Algebra of Matrices

6.  Determinants 

7.  Determinant of A Square Matrix 

8.  Equality of Matrices     

9.  Transpose of A Matrix

10. Positive Integral Powers of A Square Matrix

11. Inverse of A Matrix

12. Determinant of a Square Matrix 

13. Matrix of Co–Factors     

14. Ad-Joint of A Matrix     

15. Inverse of a Square Matrix     

16. Linear Equations   

5. Linear Programming Problem (l.p.p.)   

1. Linear Programming Problem

2. Solution of L.P.P. by Graphical Method

6. Transportation Problem (T.P.)   

1. Transportation Problem (T.P.)   

2. Tabular Representation of T.P.  

3. Mathematical Formulation of T.P.

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