Management Control System

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According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2010 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)


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Management Control System


BBA (Pune) Sem-VI

Author : Deepak Singh

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1. Management control system (the control function)

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Control function

1.3 Control and Supervision

1.4 Control as Function

1.5 Nature of Control

1.6 Definition of Management Control

1.7 Meaning and Designs-Management Control Systems

2. Information theory

2.1 Meaning of information

2.2 Types of Information

2.3 Installation Committee

2.4 Policies and Decision rules

2.5 Structured and unstructured decision Implication of Control

2.6 Nature of Decision Making

2.7 Functional, Divisional and network Coupling structure

3. Management controls in functional areas (production control)

3.1 What is production control?

3.2 Need for Production Control

3.3 Difference between production plan and production control

3.4 Inventory

3.5 Marketing Control

3.6 Reason for workers Resistance to control

3.7 Kind of Control Devices-Reports and Budgets

4. Computers systems: decision support systems

4.1 Computer for management control purpose-are computers essential for MIS?

4.2 Computers and Information System

4.3 What are manual and Mechanical systems

4.4 Management Information System (MIS)

4.5 Decision Support System (DSS)

4.6 Expert System

5. Management control of projects

5.1 Meaning of Project

5.2 Overall nature of the problem

5.3 Aspects of Project Control

5.4 Project Planning

5.5 Cost report for Project Control

5.6 Time Report for Project Control

5.7 Reports on Output and their Revision

Includes Solved Question Papper BBA April 2011

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