Management Information System
  • Management Information System
  • Management Information System

Management Information System

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According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2009 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

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Management Information System


BBA (Pune) Semester-IV

Author : Deepak Singh

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1. System Concepts

1.1 What is a system?

1.2 General model of system

1.3 System characteristics

1.4 System model

1.5 Types of system

1.6 Subsystem

2. Information Concepts

Information: “Basic Need of Information Processing”

2.1 What are data, record, information and knowledge?

2.2 Quality of information

2.3 Value of information

2.4 Information needs of manager at different levels:

3. Management Information System

3.1 Management information system

3.2 Integrated system

3.3 MIS Vs data processing

3.4 MIS and other academic disciplines

3.5 Structure of MIS

3.6 System concepts in management information system

4. Planning and Control Process

4.1 Concepts of organizational planning

4.2 Terms used in planning

4.3 Planning mechanism or hierarchy

4.4 Planning process

4.5 Sources of planning data and development of planning models

4.6 Computational support for planning

4.7 Properties of control processes

4.8 Law of requisite variety

4.9 Management control through reporting

5. Human as Information Processors

5.1 General model representing human as an information processor

5.2 Newell-simon model

5.3 Limits on information processing

5.4 Human information processing strategies

5.5 Cognition theory, cognitive style and learning theory

5.6 Characteristics of human information processing performance

5.7 Managers as information processors

6. Information System for Functional Areas

6.1 A general Administrative Management System (AMS)

6.2 Accounting information system

6.3 Marketing information system

6.4 Inventory information system

6.5 Production or manufacturing information system

6.6 Personnel information system or Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

7. MIS Design Approaches

7.1 Prototype model or prototyping

7.2 Life-cycle approach

7.3 Project management

Case Study-I

Case Study-II

8. Management Support System-Overview

8.1 Concepts of decision making

8.2 Decision making procedure

8.3 Decision making process or phases

8.4 Decision support system

8.5 Difference between MIS and DSS

9. Decision Making System and Modeling

9.1 What is decision making?

9.2 Modeling process

9.3 Decision making models (Based on Decision Process)

9.4 Sensitivity Analysis (SA)

9.5 Models used in decision making (Solution Based)

9.6 Simulation

9.7 Operations Research (OR)

9.8 Heuristics programming

10. Executive Information and System Support Needs

10.1 Executive information system

10.2 Characteristics of executive information systems

10.3 Use of EIS in an organization

10.4 Hardware and software needs of an executive information system

10.5 Integrate DSS and EIS

10.6 EIS implementation

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