Business Economics



Business Economics

BBA (Pune) Sem-I

Authors: Dr. Atul Deshpande

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This basics of Business Economics (Micro)  i.e. Demand, Supply, Pricing , Cost Analysis,  Distribution  has been explained and incorporated in this book for First Year ( Semester 1) students of B.B.A as per the syllabus of  University of Pune.

Business economics is normally taught as a theoretical subject, with no emphasis given to its practical use. The author of this book, Dr. Atul Deshpande, (a Senior Faculty in Kodai Kanal International School, Tamil Nadu), has taken efforts in including related real life case study for most topics.  Case study approach explains the topic better and gives hands on experience to real life experience.

All concepts have been explained in detail. Graphs with explanation are given to explain concepts. A list of reference books and web resources have been cited which is given to encourage students to read further and master the subject.

At the end of the chapter Points to remember and Exercise is included to help students from examination point of view.

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