Business Demography and Environmental Studies



Business Demography and Environmental Studies

BBA (Pune) Sem-I

Authors: Jayant Jorwekar, Sulbha Golawar, Neeta Varshany & Nayana Padki

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The Global world of business is interlinked to the demography and environment. Many cultural and natural factors are playing an important role in the decision making functions of business world. Political, economical, industrial, legal scenario depends upon the success and growth of business; hence the study of this subject is of utmost importance in this age of increasing competition and globalization.

This book is as per the Revised syllabus of B.B.A (Sem I) as prescribed by University of Pune.

The language is simple and easy to understand. Topics are covered systematically with graphical charts and statistics as required. A lot of practical and real life examples are included to explain the concepts better.  

Summary and Exercise has been given in the end of each chapter for the convenience of the students especially from examination point of view. Points to remember have been given for memorizing the concepts.

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