Principles Of Marketing Management

BI 1281


According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2010 Nagpur, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Text Book of Principles Of Marketing Management

SY BBA (Nagpur)

Author : Sham V. Bachhav

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1. Markets

1.1 Meaning of the Term ‘Market’

1.2 Classification of Markets

1.3 Marketing (Meaning and definitions)

1.4 Evolution of Market/Marketing Concept

1.5 Marketing Concept

1.6 Features of Marketing Concept

1.7 Difference between selling and marketing

1.8 Micro and Macro Marketing

1.9 Marketing functions (SCOPE OF MARKETING)

2. Introduction to marketing

2.1 Introduction to marketing management

2.2 Marketing System

3. Product

3.1 Product Concept

3.2 Product levels

3.3 Product Line

3.4 Product Differentiation

3.5 Product Positioning

3.6 Product diversification

3.7 Product Simplification

3.8 Product Elimination

3.9 Product Mix

3.10 Product Life Cycle

4. Price

4.1 Price (meaning of price and pricing)

4.2 Pricing Objectives monetory

4.3 Importance of Pricing

4.4 Factors Influencing Price Decision

4.5 Pricing Policies / Pricing Methods / Pricing Strategies

4.6 Procedure for Determining the Price of a Product: Multistage price determination process

4.7 Important terminologies

5. Place (distribution)

5.1 Channels of Distribution (Meaning)

5.2 Definitions

5.3 Various components of the channels of distribution

5.4 The classification of the middlemen in distribution channels

5.5 Levels of the channels of distribution

5.6 Significance of Channels of Distribution

5.7 The vital role of Marketing Channels/Important functions of Marketing Channels

5.8 Factors considered while selecting suitable channels of distribution

5.9 Channels of Distribution for Industrial Goods

5.10 Channels of Distribution for consumer Goods

6. Sales promotion and advertising

6.1 Promotion

6.2 Promotion Mix

6.3 Branding, Packaging and labeling

7. Personal Selling

7.1 Personal selling and salesmanship

7.2 Kinds of salesmen

7.3 Advantages of salesmanship / Need of personal salesmanship

7.4 Limitations of personal selling

7.5 Difference between advertising and selling

7.6 Prerequisites of effective selling

7.7 Sales process

7.8 Theories of selling

7.9 Qualities of a successful salesperson

8. Introduction to sales management

8.1 Sales Management

8.2 Sales Management

9. Marketing of industrial products

9.1 Industrial (Business) Marketing (B to B Marketing)

9.2 Industrial Goods / Business Goods

10. Marketing of consumer product

10.1 Consumer

10.2 Difference between Industrial Products and Consumer Products

10.3 Classification of Products

10.4 Marketing of Consumer Products

10.5 Marketing Mix for Consumer Products

10.6 Channels of Distribution for Consumer Goods

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