Computer Application in Business

BI 1147


According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2009 Nagpur, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Text Book of Computer Application in Business

FY BBA (Nagpur)

Author : Sheraad Paatill

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1. Introduction to Information Technology

1.0 Introduction to computers

1.1History of computer 

1.2What is a computer?

1.3Characteristics of computers

1.4Hardware and software

1.5Classification of computers 

1.6Organization of digital computers 

1.7Input devices

1.8Output devices

1.9Centralized and distributed data systems

1.10 Batch, online and time processing

2. Generations of Computer

2.0 Generations of computers

2.1Operating system

2.2Classification of operating system

3. Database Management System


3.1 Four components of data processing system

3.2 Three level architecture of data base management system (Data Abstraction)

3.3Relational data model 

3.4Network data model 

3.5Hierarchical model

3.6CODD'S 12 rules


4.1 Introduction to networking

4.2Components of data communication

4.3 Communications channels

4.4 Networking

4.5Networks types

4.6Network types defined by their size and complexity

4.7Centralized network

4.8Network topology

4.9Transmission media

4.10Components of network

5. Introduction to Programming Language


5.1Programming language 

5.2Machine language

5.3Assembly language

5.4Higher level language

5.5Compiler and interpreter

6.Computer Virus

6.1What is virus?

6.2Types of virus

6.3How virus spreads

6.4Virus action 

6.5Virus effects

6.6Anti virus program

7. Use of Software for Business Application

7.1Business software

7.2Types of business software tools

7.3Brief history of business software

7.4Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

7.5 Strategy

7.6Implementation issued

7.7Privacy and data security

7.8A Human Resource Management System (HRMS, EHRMS)

7.9Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

7.10 Fax machine

7.11E-mail (Electronic Mail)

7.12 Use of CD ROM for business applications

7.13 Computer aided advertisement 

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