Advanced Java



According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2015-16 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Text Book of

Advanced Java

BCA (Pune) Sem-VI

Author : Harshita Vachhani, Prajakta Mane

Book ID : 1686

Edition: 3rd 2018

Solved Question Paper upto April 2017

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1. JDBC   

1. Introduction

2. Design of JDBC

3. Basic JDBC Program Concept  

4. Drivers

5. Making the Connection  

6. Executing SQL Commands 

7. Executing Queries

Solved Programs

2. Networking  

1. The Java .Net Package  

2. Connection Oriented Transmission -Stream Socket Class  

3. Creating a Socket to the remote host on a port (Creating TCP Client and Server)    

4. Simple Socket Program Example

3. Servlet and JSP  

1. Introduction

2. Servlet Life Cycle

3. Types of Servlets

4. Session Tracking 

5. Cookie Class

6. Servlet-JDBC

7. Components of JSP

8. Execution Process of JSP Application   

9. Building Simple Application Using JSP  

10. JSP Session Object    

11. JSP with Database

Solved Programs

4. Multithreading

1. Threading Basics 

2. Thread Life Cycle

3. Creating a Thread

4. Thread Priority  

5. Thread Synchronization 

6. Inter-Thread Communication  

7. Implementation of Thread with Applet   

8. The Runnable Interface 

Solved Programs

5. Java Beans and RMI

1. What is Bean?    

2. Advantages of Java Beans    

3. Using the Beans Development Kit  

4. Introduction to Jar and Manifest Files 

5. JavaBeans API    

6. Remote Method Invocation    

7. RMI Architecture 

8. Stubs and Skeletons    

9. Registry    

10.Setting up RMI

11. Using RMI with Applet

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