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Fundamentals of Chemistry



F.Y.B.Sc. Biotechnology.

According to New Revised Syllabus w.e.f. 2013-14 PUNE, Maharashtra (INDIA)

Fundamentals of Chemistry

Author: Dr. Harsha Chatrath, Dr. Raghunath Toche

ISBN: 978-93-5016-110-4

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1. Gaseous State

1. General Characteristic of Gases 

2. Kinetic Theory of Gases - Postulates  

3. Derivation of Kinetic Gas Equation    

4. Kinetic Energy of Translational Motion

5. Velocities of Gas Molecules     

6. Deduction of Gas Laws from Kinetic Theory   

2. Chemical Kinetics

1. Order - Molecularity

2. Molecularity  

3. Rate Law or Rate Equation 

4. Collision Theory    

3. Colligative Properties

1. Colligative Property of Solutions

2. Lowering of Vapour Pressure: Raoults Law    

3. Elevation of Boiling Point

4. Depression of Freezing Point    

5. Osmosis 

6. Relation between Lowering of Vapour Pressure and Osmotic Pressure   

7. Arrhenius Theory of Electrolytic Dissociation     

8. Debye Huckel Theory of Interionic Attraction

4. Phase Rule

1. Introduction  

2. One Component System

3. Two Component System

5. Ionic Equilibrium

1. Metallic and Electrolytic Conductors  

2. Faraday’s Laws of Electrolysis  

3. Transference or Transport Number

4. Ionic Mobility and Kohlraush's Law    

5. Conductivity of Electrolyte     

6. Inter-ionic Theory of Conductance or Debye Huckel Onranger Theory of Conductance 24

7. Conductometric Titrations 

8. Activity and Activity Coefficient     

9. Ionisation Constant of Weak Acids and Bases 

10. pH     

11. Buffer 

12. Solubility Product 

6. Principles of Electrochemistry

1. Electromotive Force (E.M.F.) and its Measurement  

2. Oxidation Potential, Reduction Potential and Electrodes Potential   

3. Classification of Electrodes    

4. Electrochemical Series    

5. Standard E.M.F of a Cell from Standard Potential  

6. Experimental Determination of Single Electrode Potential

7. Electrochemical Cells     

8. Solubility Product and E.M.F.   

9. Potentiometric Determination of pH    

10. Potentiometric Titration 

7. Basics Of Stereochemistry

1. Representation of Molecules     

2. Conformational Isomerism  

3. Isomerism     

4. Optical Isomerism   

5. Geometrical or Cis-trans Isomerism    

8. Chemical Bonding

1. Coulomb's Law of Magnetism

2. Modern View of Molecular Magnets

3. Oxidation State or Oxidation Number   

4. Oxidation and Reduction   

5. Redox Reaction

6. Attainment of Stable Configuration    

7. Chemical Bonding    

8. Types of Overlaps   

9. Theory of Bonding   

9. Basics In Organic Chemistry

1. Nomenclature  

2. Functional Group    

3. Oxidations, Reductions    

4. Elimination   

5. Substitution Reactions    

6. Synthesis of Small Molecules    

7. Qualitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR)

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